Festival Program & FAQ 2022

Carpool exchange:


1. When will the JamJam2022 take place?
– from Wednesday, 27 July to Sunday, 31 July 2022
– Arrival on Wednesday 12-16 hrs, departure on Sunday at 15 hrs after the first joint dismantling session.

2. Where will the festival take place?
– At the Fellershof in Velbert (Fellerstraße 22, 42555 Velbert), close to Hattingen, Essen and Wuppertal.

3. JamJam Collective? Who are you?
– Hello, we are a group of about 10 improvisation-enthusiastic students, working people and self-employed people in Witten. Our work is entirely voluntary. In 2021 we created the JamJam within a few months. It was so nice that we are going to stick with it this year!
– In addition, a number of “professional” helpers contribute to the success of this festival, from setting up to leading workshops. We pay them a small expense allowance.
– By the way, we who take care of you participants by email are Celine and Birte :entspannt:.

4. How do I get to the festival?
– By car: It’s best to find the best directions for yourself. Fellerstraße can currently only be reached via Bonsfelder Straße, but no longer via the access road in the south.
– There will be some parking spaces at the courtyard and enough about a 10-minute walk away.
– By public transport: Velbert-Nierenhof station is a 15-minute walk from Fellershof and can be reached via the S9 from Essen, Wuppertal and Hagen, among other places. From Hattingen Mitte S-Bahnhof, also via Velbert-Nierenhof, and from Wuppertal Hbf there is also bus 647 to the Fellerstraße bus stop.
– There will be a carpool exchange where you can post your search and/or offer and you can network.

5. Can I arrive with my camper bus?
– There will be a limited number of parking spaces for camper buses at the farm. There is additional parking within walking distance. We will allocate spaces at the farm before the festival. Please register your bus during the official registration process. Unfortunately, this is also on a first come, first served basis.

6. How big is the festival?
– 95 adults plus children can participate. In addition, about 25 crew members will be at Fellershof. There will be several stages for the workshops and evening JamJams and lots of green space on the grounds.

7. When and where can I register?
– From now on we will send out the invitation flyer via the distribution list. You can send us an email if you want to register, then we will send you the information, the registration form and the bank account details. As soon as we have received your registration form and your participation fee, you are officially registered and we will count on you. The maximum number of participants is limited to 90 adults plus children. After that there will be a waiting list.
– We will be happy to add you to our mailing list, just send us an email to jamjam-festival@posteo.de.

8. How much are the tickets?
– There is a sliding scale of 250€-465€ per ticket.
– In addition, we occasionally give 150€-helpers-tickets to people who otherwise could not afford it.

9. How do these ticket prices come about?
– The upper price (465€) corresponds to our expected real expenses per person if we would pay our supporters, artists and professional volunteers more adequately. Unfortunately, this year we can pay them only a small compensation. This is how the lower price of 250€ comes about. The more you can pay, the better we can remunerate our great supporters!

11. How much are children’s tickets?
– From the age of 12, half the price of a normal ticket applies. For children under 12 years of age, the sliding scale price of 50-100€ applies, based on self-assessment.

12. I would like to return my ticket…
– Up to four weeks before the event (up to and including 29 June) we will refund your sliding fee, minus a service fee of 15€.
– From 30 June we will keep 120€.
– From 13 July, two weeks before the festival, we keep the minimum amount of 250€.
– The retention of any fees or contributions is waived if you find a substitute participant for yourself. You will then be refunded the full fee as soon as the new registration is completed (participant form + sliding amount appears on our account).
– If you cancel, please send us an email with “Cancellation” to
jamjam-festival@posteo.de and give us your full name and account details for the refund. If you find a replacement, please include his/her name.

13. I am a substitute participant, what do I have to consider?
– Write an email to jamjam-festival@posteo.de and tell us who you are substituting for (first and last name).
– If you are a substitute participant, please tick this on the participant form and state “substitute for [first and last name]” as the purpose of payment when transferring your sliding fee.

14. Can I be at the festival for a shorter period of time, i.e. arrive later and/or leave earlier?
– The workshops build on each other and we can only dive deep into creativity if there is a joint development process. So our big ask is: be there from start to finish. We will prioritise those who are there on all days when registering.

15. How does the waiting list work?
– If it is not possible for you to attend the whole festival or if the maximum number of 95 participants plus children has already been reached, we can unfortunately only offer you a place on the waiting list.
– If a place becomes available, people who can be there for the whole festival will move up first. If there are still places available, people who want to arrive later or leave earlier can also move up. We expect this to be a possibility in the weeks just before the festival. So, if you feel addressed, keep an eye on your email inbox from the end of June ;). Unfortunately we can’t promise anything.

16. Can I stay longer at the festival?
– Yes, you can! We’ll be packing up again and doing everything ourselves – for this we need help with setting up and dismantling, as well as creative hands for the decoration. If it’s possible for you, join us and get a taste of the court air and bring the JamJam to life.
– We will also be setting up over the long weekend of Corpus Christi!
– From 15 July we will start with the preparations. Especially a few days before the festival starts and one or two days after the official end we need bindingly promised help.
– Please contact us by email at jamjam-festival@posteo.de. We will also launch a call for help. Thank you!

17. How is it during the festival, can I stay overnight outside or leave the area?
– We ask you to be with us from the beginning to the end of the festival, to avoid a station atmosphere and for infection control reasons. Leaving the farm in between should not really be necessary as we will provide you with everything you need.

18. Will there be day tickets?
– No. The intensive workshops build on each other and we engage in a collective creative process as a group, so this year all participants will be there from start to finish.

20. Do I have to choose the Intensives beforehand?
– Yes, you do. When you register, you fill out a participation form in which you can also tell us which intensives you would like to attend. The earlier you register, the better your chances of getting the workshops of your choice. At the festival you will find out which intensives you will participate in.

21. Is the festival family friendly?
– For children who are old enough, there will be childcare, as there was last year. Parents are of course still responsible for their children and will be held liable in the event of an emergency. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch by email.
– The area itself is suitable for children and family-friendly.

22. What about accessibility?
– Unfortunately, the courtyard is not barrier-free due to the steep slope.
– Some workshop leaders will hold their workshops in German or English only!

23. May I take photos or videos?
– We have our own team that will take photos and videos during the festival. We ask you at the beginning of the festival for permission to use them publicly for presentation purposes of the JamJam. Nobody should feel observed at the JamJam, so please refrain from taking photos or videos of other people yourself.

24. What about sleeping, eating, showering and helping out on site?
– On site we will camp or sleep in our own camper bus or car.
– There are 3 meals per day.
– During the festival, participants take on tasks such as sweeping the dance floor, cleaning toilets, cleaning up workshop tents/terrain. This ensures that you can participate in all official programme points and do not miss any workshops by helping out.
– There will be toilets, hot showers and a bathing lake.
– The sauna is cancelled unfortunately, but there will be a warm fire place.
– No alcohol will be offered. Furthermore, we ask for conscious consumption. Drugs are not allowed on the entire site during the entire time (incl. set-up and dismantling).
– The stages are covered so that everything can take place even in rainy weather.

25. Can I store my instruments at the festival?
– There will be several places where you can store your instruments. A more open place where the instruments are ready to be played and a storage place where the instruments can be stowed. If you don’t want other people to play your instrument, you can mark it accordingly. Despite all precautions, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage.

26. a packing list…
– Tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag and extra blanket if necessary. Attention: It can get cold at night on the Fellershof even in high summer.
– Headlamp
– Biodegradable soap + shampoo (to conserve natural waters on the farm + in the surrounding area)
– Swimwear, Towel & flip-flops
– water bottle, Sun cream, Rain jacket
– Musical instruments
– Clothes for outside, movement clothing, if necessary knee pads for dancing
Sauna clothes (the sauna is cancelled unfortunately, but there will be a warm fire place)
– Cutlery, plate, cup, bowl, …
– Hot water bottle
– Light blanket for yoga, meditation, dance breaks, etc.
– Yoga mat, meditation cushion, hammock with extension ropes
– Sturdy shoes if necessary
– Possibly earplugs
– Possibly work clothes for assembly and dismantling

27. I think what you do is great. And it’s almost entirely voluntary. Can I support you financially?
– Yes, of course. In addition to applying for grants to finance the festival for the first time this year, we are of course also happy to receive donations.
– Account holder: Heike Lissmann

DE68 3345 0000 0026 2406 71

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