JamJam Festival

The highlight of our activities in 2021 and 2022 was the JamJam Festival. At the end of July, about 120 improvisation enthusiasts and interested people came together at the idyllically located Fellershof near Velbert/Wuppertal. Selected international artists an creative therapists opened up spaces of experience within the framework of intensive workshops, where participants could individually and collectively release creative creative power. Authentic, sensitive and many-sided improvisational moments emerged. In the evening JamJams, the qualities from the different workshops and disciplines were brought together so that we could celebrate true “festivals” of improvisation.

The JamJam was a participatory festival. The participants were not only able to shape the artistic course of the festival through their feedback, they were also involved in many tangible tasks, from setting up to cleaning the toilets. The festival was also made possible by the generous support of many people and associations! First and foremost Zuko e.V., which took over the sponsorship of this festival after the Trallafitti Festival. We would also like to thank the many private donors and professional helpers, who only received a small allowance.